How easy it has made our life.

  • Convenienceshopping from the comfort so now we can shop from anywhere at any time from any brand and we don’t have any pressure of shopping and returning home on time and it saves a lot of time.
  • Easy Price Comparisons which is very difficult in offline shopping as to do this we have to roam from one shop to another and in actual nobody has time to do so that is we end up buying the product at higher price many times in offline shopping
  • Availability of product: sometimes we specially go to market to buy some products and we don’t find it available there, imagine travelling for hours to market and then not getting for what you came for is the worst feeling ever and I can imagine the pain as I have experienced it numerous times but yes in online shopping this is not an issue as even if the product is not available they have the option by which the makes us notify when the product is available and trust me this has sorted half of my life .
  • Online tracking: There are no worries about delivery date as we can easily track our order with simple steps and gets to know where exactly our stuff is.
  • Better prices.I always wondered why prices of products are lower in online stores than offline market than I researched a bit about it and got to know process are lower because in online shopping products come to us directly from the manufacturer without middleman person being involved and this is the major reasons how many online stores can offer discount coupons and cashbacks deals.
  • More variety:Options we get online are recommendable as we can easily get several brands and all in one place. This way we can latest trends without spending huge amount of money. It offers a far greater collection of every product than offline markets, and everything at our figure tips. We don’t need to worry about stock as it is much more plentiful and even some online stores even have policies that they accept orders for items out of stock and ship it when the stock becomes available. And yes, we always have option to shop from another online store where the product is available.
  • Customised Gifts are no easy:Sending gifts has now became easy, no matter what you wants to sends there are options to get mostly everything delivered on the door step to your loved ones with simple clicks and now distance cannot stop you to make somebody feel special .Even some kinds of clothes are available for customisation . You can simply select and place the order for the gift as per  occasions  and choice .

 Fewer expenses. When  we go for shopping to markets  we tend to spend more than planned and other  outside expenses on things like eating out, transportation which are totally avoided in online shopping and this way we can plan our budget and shop according to that .As in online shopping we have the option to shop the things as per requirement and budget as there are no issues of stocks and majorly we can easily shop for other stuff when we can afford it .

No crowds: If you are like me who hates those ques at billing counters and crowd in street shopping which gets doubled in festive seasons and became the reason of my headache and in summers, it gets more difficult to deal with these situations. It Annoys me when I am neatly dressed and out for shopping and I must face those annoying, and smelly people around me. Another issue which I hate in offline shopping is parking as due to rush it becomes a huge issue. These all are the major reason why I want to opt for online shopping all the time as all these problems can be avoided very easily.

So, I assume that I have given enough benefits if online shopping. But yes, as human nature is never satisfied so please comment below on why you prefer online shopping. You are also free to provide reasons of not opting for it.

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