looking similar

If you enjoy designing using templates, have you ever feared that your designs may resemble one another? If you’re familiar with Envato Elements and use it at business, then you must be aware that it is quite beneficial. For those who have still not gone through it then let me suggest that editing can be very simple when you have simple tools with you. You just have to add your touch of innovation so that you can have a great impression on all.

looking similarYou can easily prevent your designs from appearing identical. Templates are a terrific starting point for a design, looking similar but by modifying style, imagery, fonts, and colors, you may give your design a completely different look and feel.

We will be addressing common design issues over the next few weeks as part of some exciting plans we have in the works to make the design in your business simple.

I’m going to show you how to avoid slipping into the trap of repeated designs while maintaining your style. Here are some inventive things to consider:

Looking similar, using the same design, I’ve created two distinct social media posts: one with a retro aesthetic, and the other with a more vintage or classic aesthetic. This gave a different look and changes were made accordingly. 

Mix and Blend Design Styles 

Combining graphic designs from different eras – selecting aspects that suit your project — is another simple technique to acquire design inspiration and experiment with uncommon trends. In addition, this method allows you to produce a design with a unique appearance since you’re combining components from several design traditions that are complementing but not typically seen together.

Try Simplicity and Complexity Both

Attempt to create a complicated, elaborate design on purpose if your typical aesthetic is minimalist and uncluttered. And vice versa: if you are obsessed with embellishments and ornaments, you must simplify. You can progress as a designer by leaving your comfort zone; you may be surprised by what you can learn and accomplish when you try something new.

Here’s an example of two designers adopting vastly different approaches to the same topic: one is straightforward and angular with minimal detail, while the other is complicated and swirling with exquisite detail.

Although they are dramatically dissimilar, both styles — basic and detailed designs — result in effective and captivating design ideas from Envato Elements. Experimenting with adding or removing details and observing their effects can be the key to creating diverse, intriguing, and dynamic designs.

You might do the same for fun or practice: choose a topic that interests you, then use it as a jumping-off point to experiment with and compare various design techniques. Try to think outside of the box and in a completely novel manner.

Examine the application of this approach. By deleting the backdrop image and rearranging the text, there is a significant difference between the complexity and simplicity of these two invitations.

Are you repeatedly employing the same imagery in the same old ways? Use familiar objects in unexpected ways to stimulate your imagination. A surprising interpretation of a familiar image or object can add extra interest and create an eye-catching design, similar to how a metaphor or wordplay can spice up prose.

Consider the ties and connections that can be established between parts that are drastically dissimilar or similar. Attempt to employ familiar elements in unexpected ways to produce communications that capture your attention if you’re seeking something radically distinctive in your design. looking similar. Off-center thinking can help you build a distinctive design that you have never created before.

Access The Template Gallery 

There are many free and commercial design materials available, and many designers maintain a library of pictures and graphics for use as needed from the gallery. 

Today, graphic designers have access to potent tools and applications for creating digital designs. With super-fast computers and sophisticated software, designers can develop perfectly functional and aesthetically pleasing designs without ever touching a pencil or paper. Yet that does not mean they should rely solely on those technologies. This is how we slip into the trap of producing the same material every day: by employing the same tools every day.

Sketching a design before transferring it to a computer provides a variety of advantages: Without committing a great deal of time to display them in design tools, you can rapidly experiment with various layouts and ideas (and identify the best ones) You may generate concepts with minimal work and obtain early approval, allowing you to avoid wasting time on rejected designs.

looking similar, You can carry a little sketchpad and pencil or pen wherever in your pocket or backpack – it’s always available, there when you need it to record a spur-of-the-moment idea — whether you’re at a client meeting, on a crowded bus, or relaxing.


These are some of the best that can help you make your design interactive. I am sure when you consider these steps you will be able to create a more interactive design for your business. So what are you waiting for, start showing your creation on Envato Elements so that you can have a great impact on the clients.