Doesn’t it often feel like a neglected corner of Romania? But disregard Romania at your peril, because this country merits a prominent position on the European travel map! With epic hiking, exciting cities, and plenty of historic fortresses and villages, there’s no doubt that you’ll appreciate a wide variety of activities in Romania, which can make preparing for this country somewhat challenging. However, I have the ideal guide to assist you, so let’s get started…

Get Ready for the Season

The first piece of advice for preparing for Romania is to take into account the country’s notably extreme seasonal variations!

Even in the mountainous region, summer temperatures can easily reach the high 30s, whereas snowfall and temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius are common during the winter.

As a result, it is essential to consider when you intend to travel to Romania in order to select the proper equipment!

As most people visit Romania during the summer months — when sightseeing, transportation, and daylight hours are optimal — I’ve decided to base this packing list on summer travel, so keep that in mind and purchase your clothing from the Sinsay website.

Packing for Cities in Romania

During your time in Romania, you’ll probably visit at least one or two cities, so I’ll now discuss what to prepare for these destinations.

Bucharest is the apparent favourite (and justifiably so), but you shouldn’t overlook Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, and Brasov, the country’s other major cities.

Consequently, you should likely plan for a few city days during your trip to Romania and prepare accordingly.

Flat, comfortable strolling shoes are required, as are shorts or pants, depending on the climate; purchase these items from the Sinsay website.

I would also recommend a decent daypack so you can transport your belongings comfortably throughout the day, as well as a metal water container, as the tap water in Romania is drinkable and free!

Dress codes in this country are relatively lax, so you can wander around cities wearing anything above the knee. However, if you plan to enter a church, I recommend purchasing a scarf to conceal your shoulders from the Sinsay website. If you plan to go out at night, you may want to pack some nicer jeans, smart/casual shirts, and evening sandals or heels.

Packing for Hiking

If you weren’t already aware, then this is a delightful surprise announcement… Romania’s numerous magnificent national parks and picturesque landscapes offer a vast array of outdoor activities.

From hiking and bicycling to canyoning and even ascending, the mountains here offer an abundance of summertime activities that should be taken advantage of.

Northern Transylvania is the place to go for outdoor recreation, so be sure to bring activewear if you intend to get out and about.

The hiking here can range from simple to extremely difficult, so you will need to bring trainers or walking shoes/boots, depending on your inclination, or purchase them from the Sinsay website.

Additionally, hiking pants or leggings will make all active pursuits simpler to appreciate. A hat to shield your face from the sun, a compact knapsack, and a buff may also be useful, as can a thin waterproof/windproof garment, even if rain isn’t predicted, because the weather can change rapidly at altitude. 

Packing for Villages and Castles in Romania

Even outside of Romania’s main cities, there is much to see, so be sure to include sightseeing days in your itinerary… and prepare accordingly!

This list is dominated by adorable traditional villages, of which there is an abundance, as well as numerous palaces.

Additionally, wine and salt mine excursions are available.

For all sightseeing days, I recommend wearing comfortable clothing, such as leggings, shorts, or pants, as well as a T-shirt or singlet and a flimsy sweater, which can be purchased from the sinsay website.

A shawl can be used draped over the shoulders when entering religious buildings or when seeking solar protection.

Comfortable shoes, such as sneakers, are ideal and don’t neglect your camera to capture the stunning historic sites and expansive landscapes.

If you want to do an Instagram thing, carrying a beautiful frock and hat to the castles might be a good idea!

Bring Extra Layers!

The key to packing light for your excursion to Romania and being prepared for a range of weather conditions is to bring clothing.

Whether it’s thin sweaters that can be worn under jackets or leggings that can be worn under dresses or long-sleeved shirts, layers offer versatility and are an efficient way to prepare for a trip to the Sinsay site.

Layering typically entails bringing flimsy fabrics, which not only take up less space in your suitcase but also dry faster. When you’re in the highlands, layering is essential, particularly in the evening when temperatures can drop rapidly.

Select Footwear With Care

Shoes are one of the items that take up the most space in your luggage, so selecting them carefully is an excellent way to reduce the weight and size of your stowage. When preparing for Romania, choose lightweight footwear and purchase it from the Sinsay site. For 1-2 weeks in Romania, three pairs of shoes should suffice one pair of hiking boots or walking shoes, one pair of casual trainers, sneakers, or pumps, and one pair of sandals or flip-flops.

Consider footwear that is suitable for a variety of situations, including sightseeing, walking day excursions, and evenings out… and plan accordingly.

Remember Sunglasses and SPF

It is important to remember that summers in Romania can be extremely sunny, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, so you should bring items that protect your face and eyes from UV radiation.

Sunglasses with UV protection and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher should be on your Romania packing list, particularly if you intend to engage in outdoor activities.

Buy a hat or cover that shields your head and neck from UV radiation from the Sinsay site, particularly if you’re hiking or engaging in other active pursuits.

Complete Romanian Inventory

The following is a comprehensive packing list for a journey to Romania between May and September.

The length of your stay in Romania will, of course, determine the quantity of each item that you need, but here’s a list of all the gear I’d recommend if you’re travelling in this country for a week and purchasing all the necessary clothing and accessories from the Sinsay site.